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3D Wall Panel



Create a new world…!


For humans a cozy home means safety that protects us, puts us to rest and relaxes us. The place where you are sheltered from the invasive outdoor noises of the world.

The home is but an empty space without you, which is why it is important to … the wall that is the keystone of your private abode is not just a protective shell but also aesthetic. Walls should reflect your personality, dress it up at your whim, form it snd shape it, make it follow the contours of your creativity. Pick a shape and a color and the walls of your apartment will come to life right away, it will transform into a home. Create a new world, where you sometimes stop, take a sweeping look around and whisper to yourself in confidence, I love living here…


… between two sips of coffee!


The wide selection of shapes and forms that Innowall wall panels offer, coupled with its unique appearance,will breathe new life into your home.

Whether you cover an entire wall surface with it, or just a vertical line of wall tiles, you can rest assured that the effect will be astonishing. The 3D textile-leather decor panels will not only make your apartment look trendy but also summon an air of coziness and friendliness. They are easy-to-use, their mounting the textile-leather 3D tiles requires no expertise whatsoever. Anyone can easily set up their own 3D wall. It’s no overstatement to say that a gorgeous piece of decor wall piece can be set up at home while sipping two cups of coffee.

As a result of our cutting-edge production technology, we create 3D wall panels for you that carry the secret value of hand-made upholsterer products but at the same time take them to the next level by making them more exciting, diverse and varied in both shape and form.

German quality, Hungarian expertise. 3D wall panels are made of high quality textile-leather fabric as well as a combination of leatherette and memory foam. The foam material that provides viscosity and structure in Innowall decorpanels is procured from the renowned BSF concern. This particular raw material is widely used in both automotive and furniture industries.

Our production facility is seated in Hungary and relies on the talent and enthusiasm of Hungarian experts. The only kind of product that is allowed to leave our shop floor is the perfect product. We make no compromises!


The 27 types of shape we offer coupled with our wide selection of leathers guarantee that every client finds the wall decoration solution that best meets their needs. Our supply is continuously improving based on our customers’ needs and their feedback!


Innowall 3D Decorpanels can be produced not only from our warehouse raw materials but also from leather provided by the client…


Dream with wall panels, create with Innowall… !




  • High density, massive memory foam
  • Elastic
  • Innowall 3D panels are easy to clean; simple tools such as a wet wipe or a vacuum cleaner will get the job done. Chemical cleaning is not necessary.
  • German raw materials molded by Hungarian hands.
  • Easy-to-use, mounting it is simple and fast.


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3D Wall Panel

Shape your home in your own image. Shape it, mold it and dress it up as you please. Make the wall bend to your will!

Green Wall

Where you and the wall breathe together.

Bio Fireplace

Beauty that warms both body and soul.

3D Wall Panels

Let the walls of your home represent your style and reflect your personality!

3D wall panels bring motion, excitement into your home. With help of high-quality textile-leather coating rigid walls transform being just a shelter into individualized, spectacular and modern surface.

Bio Fireplaces

You have to experience it to know that fire is not just a physicochemical reaction. It is balm for the soul. Bio fireplaces smuggle our “ancient comrade,” fire, back into our living space, since a chimney is no longer a necessity to enjoy them.

Green Walls

Over the past thousands of years we have grown used to separating our life space from nature and putting distance between us even though secretly we might be longing for it and depend on it… We believe that man and nature need each-other and that life cannot be a matter of luxury!

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Innovative 3D Wall Panels

Learn more about the Innowall decor wall panels! Discover the possibilities it offers, the fantastic shapes and colors.

About us
Noémi Rákóczi
Interior Designer

“With 10 years of experience under my belt in this field, I thought I had seen it all. I was so wrong! Innowall redefines the concept of home decoration.”

Imre Vadász
Restaurant Owner

“Precise implementation and flexible and accommodating when it comes to our needs.”

Andrea Keleti

“I was driven by my curiosity and I felt like a kid in the candy store. I wanted to take all the merchandise home.”

Living, breathing walls

Walls covered by living plants influence our environment in a positive way; reducing the amount of carbon-dioxide and dust in the air, cooling the air with their natural evaporation, optimizing indoor conditions and offering a magnificent aesthetic experience, too.

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