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Mobile Green Wall
Mobile Green Wall

Mobile Green Wall

Gross 78 000 Ft / case
(Net 61 417 Ft / case)
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A Green Wall is a vertical garden, covered by a thick layer of plant carpet (it can be any kind of indoor plant). There are many ways to design and implement a vertical garden, but it always forms a single vertical plant-based wall. Our high-quality structures can be installed in whichever size you prefer, starting from a wall width of 60 cm.

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The living-breathing green wall structures of Innowall with their precisely designed, cascading planter rows are expandable and can be installed on every size of walls. The width of a planter is 57 cm and its depth is 18 cm.


Our system enables the plants to soak up water and nutrients from down below which is ideal for them considering that this way they are able to get the exact amount of water and nutrients that they need. Overwatering is almost impossible with this technology as you can find a water metering equipment that will help you to monitor the level of the stored water in the planters, so the water needs of your plants.


A considerable advantage of the system is its water storing capacity. Depending on the temperature and the types of plants that you're using, it's capable of storing water under the plant as long as 3-4 weeks.


Another upside of our system is that you don't need to build up an expensive and time-consuming drip irrigation system and so you don't need maintenance services. As a result, our systems will provide you with a long-lasting service.


A great value of this portable green wall is that you can (re)place it in whichever room you'd like to enjoy it. We set this product up with a manual water refill option.


On the left side from the upmost row of planters you will find an easily-removable rubber valve. You fill up a watering can with water until it reaches the maximum sign on the water metering equipment (from the right-hand side). We put back the valve and we check the metering equipment later on to check if the plants need water again.


According to your needs, our company will help you in professionally installing the whole system, planting the entire wall of plants and also providing guidance and consulting. You can ask for a quote by calling us or sending a message to:

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Living, breathing walls

Walls covered by living plants influence our environment in a positive way; reducing the amount of carbon-dioxide and dust in the air, cooling the air with their natural evaporation, optimizing indoor conditions and offering a magnificent aesthetic experience, too.

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