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Wall surface size:

Width (cm):

Height (cm):

Required quantity:

End User Price: Gross 4 000 Ft / piece

Elegible tapestry:

Optional upholstery

Vintage arany Éjsötét fekete Korona arany Rose arany Bronz Wenge barna Adamin Sziena barna Boleró bíbor Bohém bíbor Casablanca fehér Serpa Alpakkaszürke Bíbor

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Selected color:
Minimum 1 pieces / case ordering unit.
Product type:
3D falpanel
40x40 cm
memory foam
leather or textile-leather
1,5 cm
adhesive tape
wet wipe or vacuum cleaner
10 pcs/ box ( 1,6 m2 )
One panel's weight:
0,38 kg

Innowall 3D "BLANCAS" decor panel is a modern wall decoration, the raw material of which is a high quality memory foam. We can easily mold it to produce 3 dimensional wall surfaces that provides impressive solution for trends in the fields of interior design and interior architecture.

Product number:


We utilize the memory foam that makes up the structure of Innowall décor BLANCAS panels as partners of the German BASF company, boasting 150 years of tradition-rich production history. BASF plays a significant role in the market ranging from the manufacturing of home interior equipment to automotive production.


The home decoration panels that can be found in our product line are produced with a completely unique, cutting-edge technology in Hungary. Naturally, we employ the talent and knowledge of Hungarian experts (this is of utmost importance to us), we rely on their dexterity to bring our products to the shelves. 3D panels can be divided into 3 main parts based on their structure.

• Artificial leather – Plays a major role as a foam-cover layer.

• High quality memory foam ensures the elasticity and the shock resistance of wall panels.

• Textile-leather and artificial leather are also used as foam-cover materials as well as decorative elements.

The structure of the 3D wall panel:

Artificial leather or textile-leather, memory foam, foam cover, high quality, dense memory foam. Mounting the 3D wall panels is simple and fast. It requires no expertise whatsoever, anyone can easily set up their own 3D wall.

1. Take the panel you want to mount on the wall out of the box and turn it around so you are looking at the panel’s back. Put it on a table and make sure that the panel’s backside is facing upwards. (figure 1: the backside of a 3D panel)





2. Prepare a pair of scissors, a tape-measure and the double-sided adhesive tape. Measure one side of your panel with the measure-tape and then cut out a section of the adhesive tape the length of the panel. Be precisef the tape. and make sure that the adhesive tape is not longer than the wall panel. If you accidentally miss-measured the tape, don’t worry, you can correct your mistake by cutting off the unneeded part of the tape. Figure 2. shows how to put the double-sided adhesive tape on the backside of the panel.





3. Repeat step 2 on all 4 sides of the panel. (If you bought a larger panel than the 40x40 one on the picture, then it is advisable to put an adhesive tape on the middle of the panel’s backside as well to fix the panel more securely in position.) Figure 3.: Put it on all sides.





4. If you have finished putting the double-sided tape on all sides of the panel, then gently start removing the release coating of the tape. Figure 4.: Removing the release coating.





5. Continue removing the release coating from the adhesive tapes on all sides. Figure.: Remove the release coating from all sides. Figure 6.: Remove the release coating from all surfaces with adhesive tape.





6. Next, gently lift the panel from the table, turn it around making sure that the backside does not touch anything. Then take it to the wall surface of your choice. Firmly press it against the wall, pressing all over its surface to make sure all tape-covered areas of the panel are in close contact with the wall underneath. figure 7.: Mount the 3D panel onto the wall.








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Innovative 3D Wall Panels

Learn more about the Innowall decor wall panels! Discover the possibilities it offers, the fantastic shapes and colors.

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Living, breathing walls

Walls covered by living plants influence our environment in a positive way; reducing the amount of carbon-dioxide and dust in the air, cooling the air with their natural evaporation, optimizing indoor conditions and offering a magnificent aesthetic experience, too.

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