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Bio fireplace

Fire has played an important role in our lives since prehistoric times. Beyond its practical utility, it has had a significant role in both ancient folklore and the belief system of our ancestors. In the past decades modernization has robbed us of this experience, flames had been evicted from our homes and their roles have been taken over by modern heating technologies. But most people still keep the romanticism and desire to be close to fire. Dancing flames are secret and delight all at once.


You probably know several people who dream of having a fireplace in their homes. This endeavor is limited by the fact that most of the homes in an urban environment have no chimney.


The unsolved issue of ventilation deprives a lot of people from this amazing spectacle and the uplifting feeling of staring into the flames. You will only learn what fire can give you when you rest your head in your palms while watching the flames. You have to experience it to learn that fire is not just a physico-chemical reaction. It is balm for the soul.


Bio fireplaces smuggle our “ancient comrade,” fire, back into our living space since chimney is no longer a necessity to enjoy them. The fuel of these equipment is the eco-friendly bioethanol that doesn't produce harmful substances while burning. Moreover, it's even good for our health by modestly humidifying the air.


Biofireplaces mean a smart solution for those of you who would like to create “the island of harmony” in your homes without mortar mixing and demolishing walls.


I invite you to have an overview of our products and consider that it is possible to create a shrine even in your home that every member of your family will enjoy. Let's take a look at FIREST biofireplaces that are part of our product line: If you'd like to order a personalized bio fireplace fully designed based on your ideas, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by sending a message to or by calling us.

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You have to experience it to know that fire is not just a physicochemical reaction. It is balm for the soul. Bio fireplaces smuggle our “ancient comrade,” fire, back into our living space, since a chimney is no longer a necessity to enjoy them.

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